About Me

Elizabeth Vivolo

My love of “all things hair” began eight years ago when I became a licensed cosmetologist. Having spent the majority of my career in an exclusive Aveda salon I fell in love with all natural products. I felt better knowing that I was using great, from-the-earth products on myself and my clients as well as supporting and eco-friendly company.

I have made it my mission the last 3 years to spread the word on using all natural hair and body products and then I found sugaring, the all natural hair removal product!

Growing up in southern california where the weather is hot and a lot of time is spent in shorts I found myself having to shave everyday to minimize that 5 o’clock shadow on my legs. Not fun.

Once I learned about sugaring and all the benefits with the treatments being less painful, longer lasting results, great exfoliation AND using all natural products, I was sold. My mission is to spread the word to all the ladies and gentleman out there that you can be hair free naturally.