Sugaring FAQ

What is Sugaring

Sugaring dates back to the ancient Egyptians. It is a form of hair removal similar to waxing but far less aggressive and much more gentle on the skin.

What is the difference between bikini, extended bikini, and brazilian?

Bikini removes hair from the side, inner thigh area that may be visible while wearing a bathing suite. The extended bikini removes hair from the sides as well as the lip area.

Brazilian includes both the lip and backside area as well as having the option to be completely bare or leave something behind.

Is sugaring painful/does it hurt less than waxing?

Sugaring tends to be less painful than waxing because we pull in the natural direction of hair growth as well as pulling less on the skin unlike traditional waxing.

How long should my hair be?

1/4″ in length is the recommended length for sugar to adhere to the hair. If you are coming from shaving, two weeks of growth is recommended from last time shaving.

How can I prevent ingrown hairs?

Daily exfoliation and moisturizing. After your sugaring session the hair is more refined, meaning that it grows back weaker. Making sure to slough off dead skin so the hair can penetrate through to the surface is key when trying to eliminate ingrown hairs.

What can I do to make sure my sugaring treatment is as painfree as possible.

Drink lots of water to hydrate your follicle tubes, which allows the hair to almost slide out. Do not exercise before coming to your sugaring treatment. Avoid coming right before your menstrual cycle as you are more sensitive during this time.

How often should I come in to get Sugared?

Typically clients come once a month. For consistent clients 3-5 weeks depending on how fast their hair grows.

I have my period, can I still have my sugaring treatment?

Bikini and brazilian sorry, but no. To ensure the safety of our clients as well as our sugaristas we will not perform these services on any woman on her period.
Also, women tend to be much more sensitive on their periods making the sugaring process seem more intense.

I am pregnant, can I still get Sugared?

Yes, although everyones pregnancy is different so please ask your doctor before treatment.

I feel like I still have stubble after my sugaring treatment, why is this?

Shaving can cause hair growth to be uneven. If you were a frequent shaver in the past you may have some hairs that are too short to be removed and may look like stubble after your first sugaring treatment.
For best results let ALL your hair grow out to where its lying flat on the skin (even pesky bikini hair). That way all hair will be the same length and removed leaving you with smooth, clean, stubble-free skin.

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